I turned my PC on and while Windows was booting A long beep sound was made and the screen turned into an almost command-line like enviroment and flashed a whole bunch of garbled text and ascii symbols, then when I restarted it said that "Windows could not load the Dynamic Enviroment, press any key to restart".

What issue is causing this and how can I fix it?

Edit: The beep is NOT coming from the POST, as it is during the boot process for windows.


A long Beep when you boot, it should be caused by computer hardware issue.

On startup, computers perform a Power on Self Test, commonly referred to as a POST. If the POST is failed, the motherboard will emit beeps of different meanings. BIOSes from different motherboard manufacturers also have different beeps.

Check your motherboard's vendor and model, and refer to this document to narrow down what's wrong with your hardware. enter link description here

You could to replace the issue hardware or contact with hardware manufactures.

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