I notice a few folders like so in the root of my Windows 7 computer:

C:\>dir /b

Upon opening them, I notice they are hotfixes and patches downloaded by the Windows update program. They each have a Setup.exe, some DLLs, some bitmaps for the set-up or installer program, and some resource files and string tables (in XML), presumably all used by the installer program.

enter image description here

Now, the thing I am not sure about is whether:

  1. They are a temporary dump of the hotfix that the Windows update utility downloaded, unzipped them at this temporary location, applied the fix and then forgot to delete them, or

  2. They are the actual hotfix itself.

Can I delete them? They're annoying and are just taking up too much space on my machine.


In short; yes. If your windows update have all finished, then they can be deleted.

There are some Windows built-in disk cleanup tools that will remove redundant update files.

  • Alright, I took your word for it and removed them. Now if something happens, the blame is yours. :-) – Sathyaish Nov 23 '18 at 8:16

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