I can manually run the following cmdlet on 10 nodes in AD to register a scheduled task:

Register-ScheduledTask `
    -TaskName "MyTask" `
    -Action $inlinePowershellScript `
    -Trigger $myTaskTrigger `
    -Principal $myTaskPrincipal

I was looking at the ways to automate it on AD level (preferably without leveraging WinRM..)

According to this article and the list of available GroupPolicy cmdlets, it seems like the only way to configure GPO (using PowerShell cmdlets) is by using Set-GPRegistryValue and Set-GPPrefRegistryValue cmdlets.

It seems like following registry keys are available for Scheduled Task:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\Taskcache\Tasks
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\Taskcache\Tree

Given these details, is there a way to perform GPME's computer configuration -> Preferences -> Control Panel Settings -> Scheduled Tasks -> New -> Scheduled Tasks action automatically using $inlinePowershellScript, $myTaskTrigger and $myTaskPrincipal?

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You are over complicating this.

Schedule tasks are just xml files. create a task manually, export it and import it to other servers using the scheduled Task cmdlets.

Get-Command -Name '*scheduled*' | ft -a 

CommandType Name                                         Version Source            
----------- ----                                         ------- ------            
Function    Disable-ScheduledTask               ScheduledTasks    
Function    Enable-ScheduledTask                ScheduledTasks    
Function    Export-ScheduledTask                ScheduledTasks    
Function    Get-ClusteredScheduledTask          ScheduledTasks    
Function    Get-ScheduledTask                   ScheduledTasks    
Function    Get-ScheduledTaskInfo               ScheduledTasks 


# Create your task 
$A = New-ScheduledTaskAction –Execute 'powershell' -Argument 'Hello, from task scheduler'
$T = New-ScheduledTaskTrigger -Weekly -WeeksInterval 1 -DaysOfWeek Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday -At 8am
$S = New-ScheduledTaskSettingsSet
$D = New-ScheduledTask -Action $A -Trigger $T -Settings $S
$Task = Register-ScheduledTask 'TestTask' -InputObject $D

# View the created task XML
Get-Content -Path 'C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\TestTask'  | Out-GridView
Get-ChildItem -Path 'C:\Windows\System32\Tasks'

Export-ScheduledTask 'TestTask' | 
out-file '\\TargetServer\c$\public\TestTask.xml'

Invoke-Command -ComputerName 'TargetServer' -ScriptBlock {
    Register-ScheduledTask -Xml (Get-Content 'C:\Users\public\TestTask.xml' | out-string) -TaskName 'TestTask'

Just use a list of servers in a loop the registration

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