In earlier windows versions, I could open windows explorer and use the menu bar to mouse-over on "undo", and the status bar would show some information about which file(s) will be involved. I seem to remember some trick about pressing shift before the mouse-over, to know more information.

Now, in windows 10, I see that right-click shows "undo X" where X is an operation like copy or move, but I am not able to see which file(s) were copied or moved.

How to know which file(s) will be "un-copied" or "un-moved" ?


There is a solution for one-file operations only:

Above the Home tab, select the small down-pointing arrow to display the Customize Quick Access Toolbar, and select Undo from the drop-down list.

After a one-file operation, hovering over the added Undo icon will show the operation and the name of the file. Unfortunately, for multi-file operations the names are not shown.

  • +1 , I had already tried this with and without shift, but it was showing "undo copy", without any names ; Your answer implies that I have copied multiple files. – Prem Nov 24 '18 at 19:41

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