I made an attempt to follow procedures at LFS to build a linux system and somewhere along the way i messed up my dual boot or grub setup.

I made a new partition (/dev/sda8). Tried to mount the partition and mkdir(s), but the operations failed. I then added the partition to the /etc/fstab file. Commands still would not execute, I obviously had done something wrong. I deleted the partition with fdisk. I removed the entry from /etc/fstab. After rebooting, windows booted without an option for ubuntu mate. Pressing "esc" shows ubuntu and windows, but selecting ubuntu provides only a grub> prompt. Going through the motions in grub, gets me nowhere. It is unable to recognize the file system my ubuntu install is on (/dev/sda7) and is unable to locate vmlinuzx.x.x. Am I looking at a complete reinstall or is this salvageable? TIA


Solved by downloading "grub boot repair" and flashing the ISO to a usb drive. Following the on screen prompts allowed me to boot into ubuntu-mate. I have to "esc" into the boot menu to select "ubuntu" from a massive new grub list, or else it boots straight to windows. I'll take it.

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