I have a GTX 1060 with one HDMI and three DPs, but currently only have one DP cable, one HDMI cable and two identical FHD monitors. Both monitors supports HDMI and DP.

My question is: will they "look" different if one of them is connected via HDMI and the other via DP? A while ago I had a dual setup via HDMI for one monitor and VGA for the other and obviously they had lots of differences even at the same resolution, so now I suppose it would be better if both of them use the same kind of port, but this is me speculating.

  • VGA is an analog signal. HDMI and DisplayPort are both digital. Analog vs digital is the reason your dual setup looked different. You won't see the same thing when using all digital signals. Although, if you're doing 4k, you may see a difference in the refresh rate depending on the version of HDMI your monitors can support. – essjae Nov 27 '18 at 1:05

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