Using HTML5 webclient in updated Chrome and Firefox. Using vCenter 6.7 with self signed certificate. When trying to upload a file, it gives the error unsupported due to untrusted certificate. How do I go about uploading files?


Figured it out, answer for reference:

For vCenter 6.7, to upload files using web client , you need to go to main landing page(before you enter the HTML5 client), on bottom right, download the root CA as zip file. Extract the zip, inside there will be a mac folder. Rename the .0 file as .cer . Leave the .r file alone.
Open up the key chain tool and navigate to the system folder on the upper left, and the certificate repository in the bottom left. Drag and drop the .cer file there. Right click the newly imported cer file, click get info, verify it is for the vCenter. Go to trust drop down, and click trust.

Boom, you can now upload files/iso's, etc. in HTML5 client with self signed certificate.

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