How can I in Outlook 2016

  • use conversation view
  • including sent items
  • see those in "Sent Items" folder

especially for mail groups.

I am using

  • Outlook 2016 (reading from exchange)
  • on Windows 7
  • with Conversation View enabled
    (including settings "All mailboxes", "Show Messages from Other Folders")

I participate in multiple mail groups and often answer to mails sent to a group.
Once I answer to (or forward) an e-Mail from a mail group, this e-Mail won't show up in my "Sent Items" folder, but only in the folder the group conversation was sorted. If I answer to another e-Mail (not in mail group), it will show up in "Sent Items".

Note: I do not view this question as a duplicate of Make sent items show up in conversation view in Outlook 2010?, since

  • I already have my Sent Items in conversation view
  • I am missing some items from the "Sent Items" folder
  • When in the conversation view, expand the conversation thread, hover your mouse over the sent mail in the conversation thread, it should pop up with the folder the mail item is currently in. What folder do you see when hovering over the sent mail? – Steve Fan Nov 28 '18 at 9:27

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