I just added a user defined language in notepad++ by importing an XML. Now, I want to remove this language from the notepad++ Language menu. How can I do that?

If I use the Settings->Languages menu in Notepad++, then I can only remove the languages listed by default in Notepad++.


I haven't an English version of Notepad++ but I hope you'll understand:

  1. Select Menu "Language"
  2. "Define language"
  3. Select the language you want to remove from the drop-down box
  4. Click on "Delete"

Here is animated GIF that shows how to remove User Defined Language in Notepad++. (Version 7.5.9)

enter image description here

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    Very nice GIF, but in Notepad++ 7.8.7, this does not work. The language is "removed" but reappears when Notepad++ is restarted. I can make changes to the language, and they are saved - for example I can rename it to "Bad Language" and change the extension to ".bad-lang" and this will be preserved when Notepad++ is restarted. However, removal is not preserved. Jul 4 '20 at 7:18

If the languages reappear when Notepad++ is restarted, find and delete the userDefineLang.xml file. Depending on your installation, this is likely found in the %appdata%\Notepad++ folder.

This is what I was forced to do and it deleted the two offending languages that kept reappearing.

  • Thank you, this was driving me insane. I would delete the language and it would reappear every time I restarted the application.
    – Keyslinger
    Mar 3 at 6:24

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