I have a comcast business internet service (comcast modem/router) with static IP with 10.xx series. For better coverage we have WIFI pro router connected to comcast and the router gets an IP address assigned of same 10.xx.xx series. However, there are computers connected to wifi pro router that gets 172.xx series ip address and computers connected to modem/router gets 10.xxx series.

The problem now is majority of printers are configured to 10.xx series via LAN cables and now there is no way for computers connected to router to communicate as they are getting ip address assigned by wifi pro router.

How can i fix this ? so that every computer connected to wifi pro router gets same 10.xx series ip address.

  • "How can I fix this?" - The simplest solution would be to connect all devices to the same device. Any other options entirely depend if you have the ability to configure your modem, not to assign IP address, and allow the router to assign the addresses to the same subnet. However, if you can do this, depends on your specific hardware. Check your Comcast modem manual for more information. – Ramhound Nov 29 '18 at 21:39

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