I replaced my old HDD with SSD and put a new Windows 7 on it. After that I realized that I was missing some important documents, which were in the desktop directory. I tried to use my old HDD as an external drive. The computer can access everything, but Users/. Probably, this happens because I have a password on my "old windows". Also I tried to load "old windows" from the HDD, but it didn't work. "Old windows" starts loading, then stops, then starts again... . Of course, I know the password. Is it possible to access data in that blocked dicrectory?

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    By blocked directory do you mean, the directory was encrypted with a certificate (in other words EFS), and you are trying to decrypt the file? Please edit your question to provided the necessary clarification required to answer your question. – Ramhound Nov 29 at 21:21

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