I am moving to a new computer and Skype account and would like to make a backup of a specific chat in the old account including the files shared in the conversation. The files that Skype saves in the cloud are only of the last 30 days, but when I look in Skype for windows backwards, even years back, I can still access and see the photos, so I assume they are saved locally somewhere. I would like to save all of those photos/files but can't figure out where Skype saves it. Skype chat export does not save the files, only the chat itself.

Would appreciate any help.

Thank you!


You could check the path below by press “Win+R” to open RUN.

Skype profile data (including contacts, chat & voice history, etc...) is saved in %AppData%\Skype\ which will typically be c:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Skype\.

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