I have 2 networks in my house and for some reason I keep connecting to the wrong router. So if here’s my information below:

Internet Provider - Provider 1
SSID - Network 1
Network Router IP -
Router - Zyxel XMG3512-B10A

Internet Provider - Provider 2
SSID - Network 2 
Network Router IP -
Router - Linksys AC 2000

I would select SSID for Network 2, enter the password for Network 2 but when I check which network I’m connected to, it’ll show me Network 1. Sometimes I’ll have internet connection, and when I do, I ran Speedtest, it shows I’m connected to Provider 1, but I never enter the password for Network 1. Most the time there’s no connection.

I’ve tried changing routers and modems. I’ve verify both routers have different SSID and passwords. I just cannot figure out when I keep connecting the Network 1 when I enter try to connect to Network 2. This is happening to multiple devices, phones, laptops, tablets.

It’s now getting to the point where when I force the devices to forget the network and reconnect to Network 2, it still connecting to Network 1.

Any help would be appreciated.

*Update 12/4/18 - I've tried changing the SSID name for both network and that didn't help. I've tried to lock the wifi channel manually and that didn't help either.

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