My Windows 7 laptop is running very slowly and can take an age to start up. Following advice elsewhere in this forum I have taken a look at Resource Monitor and I see that running programmes are hogging (a massive?) 1940MB, leaving just 935MB spare. I also see that there are multiple instances of Firefox running. Can I stop this somehow and should I try to?

Any advice gratefully received. Here is a screengrab of Resource Monitor just now:

RM sorted by working set

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    2 GB of used RAM aren’t all that much. 3 GB (?) of RAM just aren’t enough these days. Also, you might want to sort by “Working set” instead. – Daniel B Dec 2 at 12:36
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    Firefox runs using multiple processes. Mine is currently using 7. – DavidPostill Dec 2 at 13:10
  • How many Firefox windows/tabs were open at the time of your screenshot? This wouldn't affect slow start up though. You might add how long that is. I wouldn't expect a lot at 2GB memory, but you might also take a look at your startup items. – user3169 Dec 3 at 6:21
  • Adding additional memory might be your best option though. – user3169 Dec 3 at 6:36

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