I have a technical issue with one of my monitors where it sometimes goes black for a second or 2 while my computer is on. I can't predict when this blackout will occur, and it can occur multiple times in short succession. It has to do with the adapter I use (the monitor is a very old one with just a VGA port, while the computer is a very recent one with a 1070).

The problem I'm faced with is that Windows 10 is configured to automatically turn my monitors off when I'm not using them for more than a specific time. If during the time the monitors are turned off the technical issue happens, I end up with the following pattern on my monitor (most visible in the URL bar):

enter image description here

I'm planning on buying a new monitor in January, and I'm on vacation later this month, so I'm just looking for a temporary solution while I'm still at home. Is it possible to tell Windows 10 to only let 1 monitor turn itself off, but not the other oner?

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