Seriously, its hyper frustrating that after 35 years making software, Microsoft doesn't knows yet how to uninstall a program

I'm trying to uninstall Visual Studio Code, yes, this question is similar to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47689536/uninstall-visual-studio-code-in-windows but answers are partial and incorrect.

I have done, uninstall using the control panel. Then uninstall everything in %appdata%\code, then deleting %USERPROFILE%.vs... (it's different path if you use visual studio code or visual studio code insiders)

No matter what, after I install the program again, it will show my environment just as it was before doing all this.

So, how do you uninstall completely, to do a fresh VS Code installation without installing Windows 10 from scratch?

  • The one I'm trying to install is Insiders. HKU/Software/Microsoft/...? I don't see it. Why can't control panel uninstall just... uninstalls? – luisfer Dec 2 '18 at 16:39

Here are the default paths where Visual Studio Code Insider saves files:

  • Installation path:
"%LocalAppData%\Programs\Microsoft VS Code Insiders"
  • User settings and preferences:
"%AppData%\Code - Insiders"
"%AppData%\Visual Studio Code - Insiders"
  • Shortcut folder:
"%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Visual Studio Code - Insiders"

These folder save the last user session and settings/preferences. Delete those to remove old settings/preferences. If you are concerned about the remaining files after installation you may use VSCode from the portable ZIP files. Here are the direct download links extracted from VSCode alternative downloads:


It also happened with me, Seriously it is frustrating. So to uninstall it completely you have to follow these steps(any Windows OS):

  1. Press Windows+r
  2. Type %appdata%\local\Programs
  3. Go to Microsoft VS Code and permanently delete this file
  4. ----------Done-----------
  5. Now install again.

I think it should work for you also. If not then again follow these above steps and do and at the time of installing click the checkbox to Don't create a Start Menu Folder. And then install it.

-----Try these above steps, it will help you.

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