My search index on windows 10 does not work currently.

I have tried to go into the indexing settings but every time i go into indexing options it gets stuck on "Waiting to receive indexing status" Screenshot of Indexing Options if i click on Advanced, the program freezes and will not go away till i restart. I have tried erasing the index from different methods and tried restarting the service but to no solution.

My searches work from the start menu but if i try from windows explorer it freezes and won't do anything.

  • Try to restart windows search service to see if helps.
    – OOOO
    Dec 3, 2018 at 6:11

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I have the same problem in Windows 10. I have discovered a work around.(By the way, you don't need to "Restart" to get rid of "Indexing Options" box -just run "Task Manager" by right clicking the task bar at the bottom of screen - select Task Manager- do "end Task" on "Windows host process Rundll32)

Now for the work around!

  • On your keyboard Click - the Windows key and S
  • a black box appears
  • at the bottom where it says "Type here to search" enter what you are looking for.
  • Hey Presto... results.

Note: on the top of the black box you may need to select the icon for local search.

I also have a problem with searching in Outlook365 and my work around for that is to start Outlook in safe mode. Go Window key (on keyboard) plus R - the type outlook.exe /safe. outlook opens and you can search.

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