I need to configure Samba on my Linux, Ubuntu machine where we can login as a users and see our home directories.

To achieve that I've added (uncommented and added) some lines in smb.conf file:

comment = Home Directories
browseable = no
read only = no
create mode = 0750

Ofc, I've restarted whole smbd service with sudo service smdb restart

Then I mount my samba directory as with command:

sudo mount -t cifs //localhost/userName /mnt/public -o user=userName

And then I write my user paswword (for sure correct one, checked milion times) and got "Permission denied" error.

Directories /mnt/public and /home/userName have chmod 777 directories permisions.

Here is the whole samba config file: https://www.pastiebin.com/5c03d18d1bd0d

Additionally, I tried to find some logs about it, but somehow, this login operation is not logged to /var/log/samba/ any file.

I have also configured samba public dir, and I can connect to that directory with user credentials and everything is working correctly, but no this, user-specific, home directories :/

How can I remove that error message and finally log in?

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