I having a very strange issue about cant getting full internet speed when connected through LAN cable.

My current home ISP is 500 Mbps package.

I had tested with 2 PC (1 old pc and 1 new pc) through LAN cable Cat 5e

I'm pretty sure there is no problem from the LAN cable and my router, because my another new PC able to get full 500 speed. And, both new and old pc also are Gbe Network Card which support to 1 gbps speed.

I tested both PC using same cable as well.

Here are my results :

Old PC motherboard : Gigabyte F2A75M-HD2 (i think bought 5 to 6 years ago) - Getting maximum 2xx Mbps from speedtest.net

New PC motherboard : Gigabyte H110M-S2 (just bought this year around July) - Getting Maximum full speed 500 Mbps from speedtest.net

I had updated and tried many setting config from the network card driver but does not make any difference at all. I even reformat my pc and try again also same. >,<

Anyone know whats wrong with my old pc ?

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