I'd like to customize figure captions, basically what I want: when inserting a new caption (right click on picture > insert > caption) I'd like to have a caption like this:

1. abra
my text comes here

I have English Windows, with English Office and I'm editing a document in my native language. Office proofing tools are installed for my language, the document is set to that language.

My native language marks ordinal numbers with a dot after the number, so "Figure 1" (or "1st Figure") translates to "1. abra". Even though Word tries to use the localized texts (as the proofing language is set up, "figure", "table", etc. words are showing up in my language, but it keeps using "abra 1" instead of "1. abra"). I'd like to change this template.

Also I'd like to add a new line after this text, and put the actual caption text in the next line. I could just hit an enter inside the caption text after inserting, but that way the text doesn't show up in the table of figures, as that contains only the first line. So I'd like to put the newline into the template, so my actual text becomes the first line.

Thanks in advance!

PS.: I know how to change the stlye/formatting. My question is about changing the template in a way to still support autonumbering figures.

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