I'm im web development, not network systems, so excuse any misused terminology I'm using.

tldr: how do I connect a usb printer with no integrated print server to a network with a usb print server and then send a print job to it via HTTP?

I need to send an HTTP POST request from an ios app to a discoverable device (i.e., it has a static IP address) on my local network.

Things I'm not concerned with:

  • apple air print
  • devices connected via usb...sort of
  • devices connected via bluetooth

The flow I need to achieve is

ios app >> HTTP POST to 192.168.0.xx:xxxx >> print server >> printer

The problem is that I don't have any printers with an integrated print server, but I have two workarounds:

  1. Plug my usb printer into my computer, spin up a server that listens to local http requests and then prints directly to the usb printer
    ios app >> HTTP POST to 192.168.0.xx:xxxx >> localhost server >> usb printer

  2. Plug my usb printer into a print server, plug in the usb print server into my router.
    ios app >> HTTP POST to 192.168.0.xx:xxxx >> usb print server >> usb printer

The first is easy, but I do not know if sending an HTTP POST request to a local web server is, as far as the ios app is concerned, the same as sending to a "regular" print server. I understand that IPP is implementing using HTTP, so I'm guessing that web apps can send a print job to a printer's ip address, but I really am not sure.

If that above assumption is true, then I can posting to my local server via HTTP is a viable workaround?

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