I'm configuring a Linux system using Samba to appear on a Windows network with a NetBIOS name. I noticed that sometimes the computer will disappear from the net view results on the Windows machine despite still being able to ping that computer by its name, connect to it by its name in Explorer, and show as a result of nbtstat -r.

Note that I am trying to find "ABC123".

> nbtstat -r

    NetBIOS Names Resolution and Registration Statistics

    Resolved By Broadcast     = 99
    Resolved By Name Server   = 0

    Registered By Broadcast   = 1853
    Registered By Name Server = 0

    NetBIOS Names Resolved By Broadcast
           ABC123         <00>
           OTHER          <00>
           OTHER          <00>

Visible by ping:

> ping abc123

Pinging abc123 [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=3ms TTL=64
Reply from bytes=32 time=7ms TTL=64

But cannot be seen with net view:

> net view

Server Name            Remark

\\OTHER              Samba server (4.8.3) on archive
The command completed successfully.

After a while I'll check net view again and ABC123 will be visible on the list with no intervention.

Why is this?

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