I would like to use a GPO setting to block users to create folders and files in the root directory in Windows 10. Searching on internet I found the setting

Computer configuration -> Policies -> Windows settings-> Security Settings-> File System

where I created an entry for %SystemDrive%\ where Authenticated users have "Deny" to "Create Files/Write data" and "Create folders/append data", applied to "This folder only".

After saving and linking the GPO, I rebooted the workstation to get the new policies but the settings does not block anything.

Any idea what could be wrong? any other suggestion to achieve the same result?

thanks a lot.

  • This is a comment because it does not answer your question: You do not need to use GPO to block creations of folders. All you need to do is change the security settings. Keep in mind that an administrator can ALWAYS undo your changes or get around it. Also, if you want to deny rights on the root, be aware that this will propagate down all folders, so you then have to change the permissions on each sub folder and disable inheritance. – LPChip Dec 5 at 16:57
  • I forgot to mention that I am in a corporate environment and this GPO will be applied to 10,000 workstations. I need to use a GPO. And the rights should not be propagated as I specifically mentioned "This folder only". – YaKs Dec 7 at 9:40

We can try to troubleshoot as below:

  1. If the Windows 10 is in the domain environment? If it is in the domain, we can run gpresult report in windows 10 to see if the policy is applied. If it is applied, but it can not block creation folders and files, go to step 2.
  2. Block other folders in the root directory to see if we can applied the group policy successfully. If we can, maybe we can not set the permission of system root directory.
  3. If the Windows 10 is not in the domain environment, please keep in mind that this process is only available to a domain with a server running the Group Policy Management feature... standalone systems and workgroups still need to manually assign these permissions! So we can try to set the permission manually.


Assign File & Folder Permissions Via Group Policy


Creating File System security GPOs


Group Policy – GPResult Examples


  • I see the GPO applied to the computer using gprsult, but the GPO simply does not seem to do any effect. I also tried to create a local policy with the local group policy editor and the option does not exist. My last test was to try to manually modify the permissions of users in C:\ and I got an error due to some files being in used, like hiberfil.sys. – YaKs Dec 7 at 10:03

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