I have the google hangouts extension in chrome so that I get notifications when someone calls or texts me, which is generally nice, but extremely annoying when I play starcraft.

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To perform that manually, close the Chrome Browser, then open Task Manager with {Ctrl-Alt-Del}, and close all Chrome processes.

A script to automate it, as harrymc kindly suggested, would look like this:

echo off  
taskkill /im chrome.exe  
cd \Progra~1\Starcraft  

Please substitute the real path to the Starcraft executable on the 4th line and the name of the executable file to launch Starcraft on the 5th line. The 3rd line is what kills all the Chrome processes.

I'd suggest you put that script in the Starcraft executable directory, then add a shortcut, and move the shortcut to your desktop for convenience.

  • I want it to work automatically though, instead of having to do that every time before I open starcraft. – troricleba Dec 5 at 19:22
  • 1
    +1 No point in downvoting a good answer. Just execute a .bat file that does taskkill /im chrome.exe and then starts starcraft. – harrymc Dec 5 at 19:53
  • troricleba, please click on edit and add that specification to the original question, so everyone can see it. – K7AAY Dec 5 at 22:39

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