I recently cloned my boot partitions from my HDD to my SSD. I then went back to the OS from my HDD and ran mbr2gpt to allow for more than 4 partitions. I did the same for the cloned OS my SSD. For some reason, the "System reserved" partition which was previously with system attribute now only has the active attribute. The partition mounted itself with a drive letter and when I open it, its empty with only a recovery.txt file in it. A new EFI System Partition appeared on both the SSD and HDD which I cannot modify.

enter image description here

A. The 2 System Reserved partition that is able to be mounted and is empty except for a recovery.txt. Previously it was a system partition and cannot be modified or mounted.

B. A partition that was once the recovery partition but due to some issues during mbr2gpt, I ran reagentc /disable and when I re-enabled it, it was a completely empty partition.

C. The unmodifiable EFI partitions.

  • Disk 0 is my original Boot Drive
  • Disk 2 is a fresh OS intended for troubleshooting when the main OS has trouble booting.
  • Disk 3 is the SSD in which Disk 0 was cloned to.


Can I delete partitions A? I have no intention of using bitlocker on any of my drives.

Can I delete partition B? I have ran reagentc /enable and successfully booted to the recovery environment. And since partition B is empty I doubt the recovery data is still there anymore.

Also, can someone explain the difference between the EFI System Partition and the System Reserved Partiton? Is one used in MBR and the other used in GPT? is the System Reserved partition necessary when you are booting from UEFI?

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