I have the following function:

=IF(B4<5, "Excellent", IF(OR(B4>5, B4<7), "Good", IF(B4>=7, "Satisfactory")))

I want to to give excellent if the cell value is less than 5%, given Good if it is between 5 and 7 percent and give satisfactory if the cell value is bigger than 7 %.

The cell values (B4) that the function refers to, is in percentages. does anybody see what is wrong?


Displaying as % is formatting; the value is stored as the actual (decimal) value, not the whole number of percent. To test for <5%, use <.05, etc.

BTW, if you want to test for a value between 5% and 7%, use AND instead of OR. OR will be true for, say, 3% because that is <7%, or 8% because that's more than 5%.

Also, you will have holes in your ranges if you test for only < and >; you need to provide for when the values are exactly equal. Figure out whether you want <= vs. >, or < vs. >=.

You can also save an IF. Your first two IFs test for everything <.07, so the false condition will be >=.07. The general form for IF is IF(condition, true result, false result). So your formula would look like this:

=IF(B4<.05, "Excellent", IF(AND(B4>=.05, B4<=.07), "Good", "Satisfactory"))

As percentage form are between 0 and 1,You should rewrite if function like B4<0.05 ... It should be like this:

=IF(B4<0.05, "Excellent", IF(OR(B4>0.05, B4<0.07), "Good", IF(B4>=0.07, "Satisfactory")))

As I see your IF function, you forgot to define 5% in your function

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