I have a CorelDraw X6 .cdr file that contains multiple images, each on a separate page. I want to export the image from each of these pages to produce a set of GIFs, however the CorelDraw Export option in the File menu only allows you to export one page at a time (when using anything other than the .eps option), making for a very slow and difficult export process. To use this menu option to export these images to GIF, JPEG, PNG, etc. could take hours of clicking through menus. How can I export all of these images at once?


To export multiple pages (in CorelDraw X6), complete the following steps:

  1. Select Tools -> Macros -> Run Macros.
  2. Find the Macros in dropdown and select FileConverter. If you do not see this option, use the Macro Manager to download it first.
  3. Select Converter.Start and then click Run.
  4. Enter (or select using the dialog) the file you wish to process using the Source field.
  5. Enter (or select using the dialog) a destination folder for the output using the Destination field.
  6. Select your desired output format using the Convert to field.
  7. Select Save each page as a separate file.
  8. Review any other options on this panel and then click Convert.
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