I'm using Windows 10. Most often I copy/paste some command into the command prompt that needs to be modified say for example

composer create-project laravel/laravel blog "5.1.*"

I copied pasted the command from Laravel docs and blog needs to be changed.

The thing is, as soon as I paste it, the command prompt starts executing it, I think it's detecting a space at the end of the line somewhere. Can that be fixed?

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    If you have included a new-line in the pasted text, the command will be executed immediately. Omit the new-line, and the text will stay on the input line until Enter is pressed, allowing it to be edited first. – AFH Dec 6 at 11:31
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    A workaround in cmd.exe is to type rem+space, paste the command, let it be ignored, hit up key, remove rem and edit freely. – Kamil Maciorowski Dec 6 at 11:43
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    Just be selective about what you copy from the source file. If you copy the carriage return, it'll paste into command prompt as a carriage return. if you edit your source file in Notepad++, you can enable to ability to view > show symbol > all characters which will show a |CR| |LF| at the end of each line – spikey_richie Dec 6 at 12:43
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    Just to add to what @spikey_richie have already said, if you use Ctrl + A to select the entire text, it also select a carriage return at the end. So you may have to avoid it. – Cricrazy Dec 6 at 15:02
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    If you select by dragging from the end of the string instead of the beginning, you are less likely to include an inadvertent trailing new-line. – AFH Dec 6 at 15:17
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If you paste text with a trailing new-line into cmd, then the text will be executed as a command immediately.

The easiest way I have found to avoid this is to select by clicking at the end of the text, then dragging to the beginning. If you accidentally include an extra new-line it will be before the text, which will execute a blank line, before filling the next line with the text you want, but not executing it.

Alternatively, you could use Kamil Maciorowski's suggestion, to type rem (or ::) at the start of the line before pasting, so that if the line does execute, it will be a comment, which can then be edited with history editing or cutting and pasting within cmd itself.

This effectively does what you ask, stopping a pasted command executing immediately, even if there is a trailing new-line, though I prefer to make sure that there is no new-line in the pasted text.

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