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As of a few days ago, all of my files on the desktop have a small icon on them - see the first image in the bottom.

  • Why is that extra symbol being added?
  • If a program is adding the icon, how can I find out which program is doing it?

My recently-installed programs list doesn't have anything seemingly relevant - see the second image in the bottom.
Docker could possibly be the source of it, but it's been changed already a week ago and I don't think that this has been happening for so long.

Deleting the Icon Cache didn't help.

Running the System File Checker didn't help either.

The icons

an image showing the extra symbol on all the icons

List of recently installed/updated programs

a list showing the recently updated programs

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I believe the arrows mean the files are being compressed. If you turn off compression in Properties > General > Advanced, do they go away?

  • Yes. Thank you, the duplicate question is the correct answer. Now I just need to figure out why everything started being compressed... – ANeves Dec 6 '18 at 16:33

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