When I compile an OpenWrt image with make menuconfig, I am checking the libcurl box and then checking the box to add HTTP/2 support, and making sure that the nghttp2 library is also checked. In my code that makes the requests, I have the CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION set to CURL_HTTP_VERSION_2_PRIOR_KNOWLEDGE because my server does use HTTP/2 on all browser requests and it's over https.

For testing, I have compiled curl on an Ubuntu machine with HTTP/2 support and made a POST request to the same URL that I'm requesting in OpenWrt, and the request used HTTP/2. Is there something that's known to be wrong with HTTP/2 in OpenWrt? Or is this a problem that other people have had and have fixed? There's no debug data that's useful, I've already dug through all of it and am kind of at a loss.

I'm using mbedTLS as my TLS/SSL backend, in case that's useful.

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