I had a server crash on me, and i'm using Rhel 6.3 rescue mode from a USB. I was able to boot into rescue mode which gives me what looks like anaconda shell:

[anaconda root@localhost /]# 

when I issue alt + f1 It also gives me:


I have a lot of the normal functionality of my usual terminal, however I cant seem to use the service start in order to get ssh working. I tried:

/etc/init.d/ssh start 

but it says no file or directory found. I also tried to issue:


but none of the commands seem to work. The networking is active on it and I am trying to get the ssh up so that we can ssh into the machine and diagnose the visible drives. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • Are you sure in sshd exists on your rescue pendrive? – Ipor Sircer Dec 6 at 16:47
  • it looks like it does, in all of the directories i've seen binaries and links to ssh sshd unless I am mistaken – RickwhoPrograms Dec 6 at 16:53

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