I have been reconfiguring a network for a small business and I can't get everything working right. We had a watchguard firebox that we lost the login to and had to reset resulting in everything having to be reconfigured on every device. Now that I have access to the firebox I can not figure out why I can not get the wireless to work, I can receive the SSID from the device but no internet connection once connected. If I hardwire the internet to my laptop it works but not if on wireless.

Please someone help.

I can answer any questions to get through this.

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  • There is obviously something wrong with your wireless set-up, but you have given no information which allows us to help. At an absolute minimum, we need to know the router's wireless security configuration and the operating systems that you are using to try to connect. Please expand your question to include this information and any other relevant data which we cannot infer. – AFH Dec 6 at 20:10
  • In addition to what @AFH mentions, tell us the IP configuration of your network adapter when 1) connected via Ethernet cable and 2) connected via wireless. – Twisty Impersonator Dec 6 at 20:11