I will try my best to explain what I'm trying:

Any Public IP -> Router (port 5555) to internal Linux (ssh -L 5555:localhost:3389 -N -o GatewayPorts=yes admin@ to Windows 7 (with ssh

I connect successfully to the Windows 7 machine, but it is stuck on loading and after 30 seconds, it throws an error.

Event Wiewer last logs:

Remote Desktop Services: Session has been disconnected:
User: administrator\admin
Session ID: 1
Source Network Address: ::1

Anyone have an idea how I can connect?

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  • The main thing that is unclear to me is what command is run on which machine. You say "I connect successfully to the Windows 7 machine". From where? with what exact command? or protocol?! Because it's ssh first and then Remote Desktop Services pops up in the log. Wait, what? – Kamil Maciorowski 2 days ago