I have an issue with my computer and i need help. There's always a System process using most of my bandwith (ntoskrnl.exe):

Task Manager Screenshot:

enter image description here

I'v looked for a solution and i've tried many things. I've been finally able to reduce the ammount of bandwith it's using, but it's still giving me some lag when i play a game online, and i'm not able to make it stop.

To give you an example, if my normal ping playing a certain game is 60-70 ms, this process was making me have between 300 and 600 ms. After the first solutions i've tried it has been reduced to more or less 100 ms, but it's still too much.

I noticed that this process started using my bandwith while i was playing and i didn't do anything to make it do it, so i don't know where does this problem come from.

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    I don't see System using all of your bandwidth, unless you're on dial-up. You don't say which game, give info about your setup, Internet connection etc. We need this for analysis of the problem. – harrymc Dec 6 at 20:49
  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ntoskrnl.exe explains what looks like any other app is the heart of Windows. We will definitely need more information to help. Please click on edit and provide what was asked for above. Also, have you run a few virus checkers kately? Malwarebytes malwarebytes.com/mwb-download and ESET eset.com/us/home/online-scanner are a good place to start to make sure you don't have any uninvited guests in your system. – K7AAY Dec 7 at 0:52

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