I have a fairly large workbook. Is there a way to check if a certain sheet is referenced by any other sheets ie via formulas?

For example I have a large dataset in Sheet A, but all the other sheets in my workbook may have some sumifs, vlookups, index match, etc applied referencing sheet A.

I've heard of trace dependents but not sure if it works for entire sheets/ give desired results.

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Use the Find function:

  1. CTRL+F
  2. Click Options >>
  3. Within: Workbook
  4. Look in: Formulas
  5. Find What: Type your sheetname here

You can use "Find Next" to look at them one at a time or press "Find All" to get a list of all places at once.

  • thanks for this. – excelguy Dec 6 at 22:11

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