I have setup a SSH server on windows using freeSSHD.

From Linux machine I run the following command to SSH to Windows:

SSH -i mykey myuser@mymachine

The moment I hit the enter button, I no longer can type anything in the terminal as all the text in the terminal disarranged, but I can see it was successfully connected to the windows server.

  • I presume this is a problem? (you might want to reword the question)... Have you checked the Windows box for a popup dialog / error message? What does ^D do? – Attie Dec 6 at 23:58
  • Have you tried the official forums for that product? You can make a bug report there: freesshd.com/index.php?ctt=forum – HackSlash Dec 7 at 0:01
  • 1
    It's difficult to answer this question without seeing how the text is "disarranged" - it may be as simple as the Windows end-of-line sequence vs. the Linux end-of-line sequence, or a mismatching TERM type, or something completely different. – dirkt Dec 7 at 12:52

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