Background: I bought an ASUS VivoBook Flip TP401MA-US22T from Microsoft.com on Black Friday. Their site implied it was frequently bought with the ASUS active pen. Online reviews suggested that the Surface Pen was a better active pen, and Microsoft support said the Surface Pen ought to be compatible with anything that had Bluetooth 4.0 and a touchscreen, which this 2-in-1 laptop does.

The Surface Pen acts all wonky, and we RMAed the first one as Microsoft thought it was defective, but the second one acts just as oddly. ASUS support says there's no digitizer in this particular laptop. That strikes me as odd, though, as the screen will detect when the pen is hovering over the touchscreen but nothing is touching it. The little preview cursor will show up and follow the motions of the pen, just not correctly -- moving the pen from the left middle to the right middle of the screen will cause the cursor to follow the top edge of the screen until about halfway, at which point it will move diagonally down and right (while the pen is only moving to the right) until the vertical axis is close-to-expected at the right-center edge of the screen. This is the same motion the pen will take if it's dragged across the screen in the same manner, though touching the screen with one's fingers works fine.

Question: Is it possible for an active pen to detect and communicate hover behavior on a screen without a digitizer?

I'm hoping that there actually is a digitizer in the touchscreen and we're just having driver troubles or something.

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