In Google Docs, some documents would allow cut-and-paste using right click and choosing from a menu, while other documents insist that one use Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Shift-V, et al.

Is there a way to force a Google Docs document to use cut-and-paste commands from a menu?

It depends on the browser and changes Google has made to the interface. In Firefox, a configuration change may allow copy, cut and paste to work, unless a document is locked, of course.

  • In the URL bar, enter about:config.
  • If this is the first time you've done this, click to acknowledge that this might, "void your warranty".
  • In the search bar, type clipboardev.
  • If dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled is set to false, double-click it to set it to true.

Caveat: On some web sites, the converse happens, where copy, cut and paste are blocked when dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled is set true (e.g. for password entry), so make a note to yourself to set this back for those sites. sigh

  • It's not that cut-and-paste is not working, it does. It's just that on some Google Docs, one cannot use the cut-and-paste from a mouse right-click choice, but one has to use <Ctrl><C> and <Ctrl><Shift><V>. I wish to be able to use the cut-and-paste from a mouse right-click choice. – boardrider Dec 7 at 19:10

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