My PC works well...but 1 day it suddenly starts lagging..All games drop fps to 2 to 3 ....And this is only in case of games...otherwise my PC run fast no problem with it....I change my window ..reset it...fresh start it...update drivers...check for malware and virus...but nothing happen it still lag...and drop fps of games...PC SPECS - INTEL PENTIUM 2.10GHZ ...4 GB RAM...HD GRAPHICS 2 GB...HELP ME PLEASE ?

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  • Please use the Edit button to clarify your question and add information such as what changes happened to your computer before the problems started, what game(s) you're playing, whether you're playing online or not, etc – music2myear Dec 7 at 2:41
  • Also, those are either very low or very old specifications for your computer. What model is it and how old is it? – music2myear Dec 7 at 2:41

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