I've been using Excel from Office 365 for the last 2 years on Windows 10 and get crashes almost daily. I need to have several workbooks open at any one time but don't see why this should be an issue as it wasn't when I was previously using an older version of Excel. I've just come across a link on the official MS Office website here and was shocked to see the following;

The following things can cause performance or crashing issues:

Formulas referencing entire columns.

I'm referencing entire columns all the time using several functions such as sumifs, average, etc. eg: =average(A:A) and surely I can't be the only one. Is this likely to be the cause and does anyone know of a workaround?


The usual way to reference data in a column is to specify the first and last cell, like =average(A2:A99).
That has some disadvantages, like adding at the bottom is not automatically included in the range, but that's just a matter of getting used to insert before the last line instead.

Using A:A instead is a short-cut that kind-of-works, but if you use the full version, you can avoid your issues.

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