My system is running on windows 10 on 500GB SATA. I've windows xp installation files (setup.exe etc) that i m trying to install on another 128GB SSD drive. I don't have a USB. Can someone please guide what are possible options?

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    Write your ISO to CD/DVD-R/RW and install XP from it. If you do not want to damage your Win10 bootfiles, detach your HDD before installation. – Akina Dec 7 at 9:48
  • I tried Win2USB utility to read from .iso file and copy but it gave this error while reading .iso file: cannot find bootable image (0x0000000C,,,). Do you know what this means? – Dad Dec 7 at 9:56
  • If so your ISO is not install disk ISO, it is filecopy. Bootblock is lost. Add it into ISO, then burn. – Akina Dec 7 at 10:02
  • Where to find bootblock for winXP? – Dad Dec 7 at 10:03
  • Find any Windows XP installation ISO copy. Download it. Open in any ISO editor. Remove all files, but do not remove bootblock. Copy files from your ISO to it. Burn. – Akina Dec 7 at 10:10

What I finally did was to download .iso image file for windows 10 using torrent. Luckily I found the best WIN10 (activated and updateable). I bought a blank DVD (8.5gb) from a local store and using Imgburn utility, I burned .iso file to DVD and finally installed Windows 10.

Hope it helps.

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