Yesterday a strange and annoying problem started to occur. After a random amount of time Windows or application or device starts acting as if a random button is being pressed and held on it's own. First time it was letter Q, then number 1, then TAB. I disconnected my keyboard and replaced it with another one so I guess that's not the source of the problem.

The key will be held for an infinite amount of time and I have to reboot the computer. But it starts again. Do you guys know how can I track the source of this problem?

Maybe there is a hidden Windows setting that was activated by accident?

  • 1. Assume you're using a laptop, your laptop keyboard may be broken. 2. See if there is a virus. – user202729 Dec 7 at 12:53
  • You didn't say but have you tried pressing other keys when this happens to see if it stops? Does it happen after you press the key or happens on it's own with no interaction? What Windows version are you using? – HazardousGlitch Dec 7 at 14:27

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