How can I send the same USB HID input to 2-4 Windows PCs from a single mouse and keyboard? I.e. mouse movement on one system causes identical mouse movement on the other connected system(s).

I think I need a hardware solution, or software that will capture and input before Xinput/DirectInput to be compatible.

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USB-844-KM-BC 4 port USB Keyboard & Mouse Multiplier / Multicaster is a hardware USB HID multiplier that duplicates HID input to multiple PCs simultaneously.


Synergy is a commercial product is designed to allow one keyboard and one mouse to control multiple PCs (MacOS, Windows, & Linux). Alternatives include:

Debauchee/Barrier, open source, multiple OS, but you must compile it
Input Directory, free for noncommercial use, Windows only
Mouse Without Borders, Windows only, free for now
Multiplicity, Windows only, commercial product
win2vnc, open source, Windows only
x2vnc, 2 PCs only, Windows & Linux, open source

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    These are all software KVM solutions that won't achieve the desired behavior. Will add clarification to the question. Input Director comes closest, but duplicating the mouse with Input Director doesn't work with Xinput/DirectInput on the non-source systems. The cursor doesn't move.
    – Amorphous
    Commented Dec 9, 2018 at 1:46

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