Basicly I want the following functionality:
Using vims new terminal functionality, I want to be able to press a button, that opens a new terminal window, without stealing focus from the file I'm editing, that compiles my code using :
"cmake -Bbuild -H. && cmake --build build/ -- -j4 -w" that shows me the compilation live and just lets me close it again using another button when I don't need it anymore

So how can I execute a complex command using :terminal while leaving the focus in the original split?


As far as I know you cant right now. You can run one command (:ter command) or a shell (:ter), but cant put command into the open shell.
:ter cmake -Bbuild -H. && cmake --build build/ -- -j4 -w
will start the build but you have to go back to the other window with C-W w or C-W k or C-W j or C-W h or C-W l. Then you can continue to type while watching the build.
nmap < leader > b :ter cmake -Bbuild -H. && cmake --build build/ -- -j4 -w
Put this into your .vimrc. If you press leader then b it will start it. Default leader is \ if you did not change it yet.
You can do it with Tmux probably.

Edit: You can do it!
function! s:Buildit()
ter cmake -Bbuild -H. && cmake --build build/ -- -j4 -w
wincmd w
com! Buildit call s:Buildit()
nnoremap < leader > b :Buildit

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