Guided by Use physical harddisk in Virtual Box, I allocated a physical partition on an external device (/dev/disk1s1 in my case, not that it should matter) to be used as a raw disk (i.e. a VMDK that points to a physical device instead of a virtual disk file) for a Windows 10 virtual machine to be installed on it. Attaching a Windows 10 ISO to the guest machine and booting it up, the installer complains with a rather vague error with an error code of 0xC0000225. No installation screen even shows up. Did I miss something?

Note: I do not expect the guest OS to treat the chosen raw disk (/dev/disk1s1) as a partition belonging to an encompasing disk. Rather, to the guest, I want it to be as if it were a whole disk, like what a "normal" VMDK virtual disk is supposed to be if I hadn't used a raw disk.

Note: I zeroed some of the disk's beginning using something like dd bs=4m count=256 if=/dev/zero of=/dev/disk1s1 to make it look a little cleaner.

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