we have a file share inside a windows server 2012. and we have a Microsoft word document, now i was searching for a field which shows who last saved the file, but from the available list view fields, i did not find any, here is the field list i am talking about:-

enter image description here

but if i right click on the word document, then under "Details" tab, i found a field titled "Last saved By", which is suppose to show the user who last saved the file, as follow:-

enter image description here

so i have the following 2 questions:-

  1. why the "Last saved by" can not be shown inside the folder's fields?
  2. now i do understand that the "Authors" field store the user who created the file, and the "Last saved by" is suppose to show the user who last modified/saved the file, but what is the "Owner" field? and what is the differences between "Owner" and "Authors" & "Last saved by"?

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