I am asking this question, as i wanted to migrate some files from our windows server 2012 file share to sharepoint online document library. and i used one of the best migration tools to migrate the files, but i faced issues with migrating the metadata for the PDF files and sub-folders. Now all the Microsoft office files have been migrated correctly along with their metadata (created, created-by, modified, modified-by). but for the PDFs and sub-folders the tool was not able to resolve the created-by and the modified-by values. so i just want to make sure that the problem is not within our windows server 2012 file share.

so i found these miss-leading metadata info for our PDFs inside the file share's folders. For example we have a PDF file, and its "Creators" & "Authors" values are empty,inside the file share folder. while its "Owner" field has a value. also if i open the PDF file >> File menu>> Properties >> i found that the Author field inside the PDF file itself will be empty as follow:-

enter image description here

so i am not sure, what is the current status for the above PDF file? who created & modified the PDF? should i trust the Owner field inside the folder list view ? or the Author field inside the PDF properties dialog? and why the PDF has empty values for the "Authors" field inside the folder list and inside the PDF properties? while all the office fields will have values inside their "Authors" fields?

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