I am moving some of our PDF files from a windows server 2012 file share, to sharepoint online's document library.

but i have found that some PDF will have their created-by and modified-by wrongly populated by the migration tool which i am using (this migration tool is a recommended tool from Microsoft to migrate files to sharepoint online). now i am sure the problem is within the PDF files themselves, and not inside the migration tool and of course not within the sharepoint online. now the migration tool provide a way to view the document properties, prior to migrating them, where I will have these 2 cases:-

1) For the PDF which had its metadata correctly transferred, there will be a property named "Created By" and "Modified By" as follow, and this contain the correct username:-

enter image description here

2) While for the PDF file which did not have its metadata correctly transferred, the dialog will show a property named "Creator" instead of "Created by" and it will be = to a printer name, rather than a real username (as in the "Created By" field on case one), as follow:-

enter image description here

now i am not sure what could be causing some PDF files to be missing a field named "Created BY"? and if we have an existing pdf file, can we add the "Created BY" property to it? as seems this will populate the correct metadata inside sharepoint libraries. Thanks

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