I am trying to install Linux Alpine from a USB but it fails on setup-alpine, more specifically on setup-interfaces script. I have the ethernet cable connected and wifi enabled. It doesn't seem to recognize any network interface and I couldn't find any help elsewhere. If I select the defaults it just goes in the following infinite loop:

Available interface are: eth0 wlan0
Which one do you want to initialize? [eth0]
Ip address for eth0? [dhcp]
Available interface are: wlan0
Which one do you want to initialize? [wlan0]
Available wireless networks (scanning):
ip ioctl 0x8914 failed: No error information
wlan     Interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down

No available wireless networks

Available interface are: eth0 wlan0
[infinite loop from here]

That user-unfriendly error is coming from busybox ip when it tries to set your wlan0 interface up, and it means that the device is either soft or hard blocked, or both.

Inspect the output of busybox rfkill list wlan. If it says soft blocked, then rfkill unblock wlan to remove the soft block. If it says hard blocked, then your computer should have a hardware switch somewhere that you can toggle.

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