There is actually some Always Move Conversations options which were created in a shared mailbox, but since this Always Move Conversations thing is not a rule, the only way to get rid of it, AFAIK, is to use the Disabled Always Move Conversation in the 'Move' menu. Unfortunately, this option is missing, so we can't stop the redirection of the emails!

I know about the command Outlook.exe /cleanconvongoingactions, but we don't want to remove ALL of the Moves, but only 1.

Anyone knows as to why this option is missing? Could it be because it is in a Shared Mailbox used by multiple people or something like this?



The Always Move Conversations option is NOT available in a shared mailbox at all.

We found out that it was instead a rule which was moving the mails, but it was not available in the Outlook client, but only on the web by searching in the shared mailbox rules.

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